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Beyond Ordinary
Skin Care

Founded by Courtney Charles in 2012, Zo Elementals has done more than follow beauty trends: We've started new ones. We were one of the first non-binary skin care brands to hit the market, designed to work for anyone. Our products set the bar high for innovative ingredients and most importantly: results. We've found that our customers are extremely loyal, probably because you can't find products quite like these anywhere else. We make everything in small batches from our home in NYC. We've spent countless hours researching and test the best skin care ingredients so you don't have to.


All our ingredients and products have been tested on the most sensitive of skin and we guarantee that you'll be satisfied or your money back. While our products do contain organic ingredients, what we are most proud of is what they don't contain: Petroleum or Sulfur. Sulfur dries out your skin and many people suffer from sulfur allergies and are not aware. (If you get headaches when you drink white wine, this may be you.) As for petroleum, while it is safe and used in many products (i.e. petroleum jelly/Vaseline), it isn't sustainable and eventually we will need to find alternatives. Creating products that provide deep moisture and protection without petroleum wasn't easy, but our formulations use innovative ingredients that we expect to replace petroleum in the years to come.

Yes, we really chose these names.

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"I looked 10 years younger overnight and it freaked me out."

— Kevin


Humble Beginnings

Wisconsin native Courtney Charles created Zo Elementals for, quite honestly, himself. Having trying countless products to try to manage his sensitive and acne-prone skin, he finally found a product that worked only to then see it be discontinued 6 months later. Courtney dove into scientific journals, determined to make skin care for himself that actually worked. After months of work, he realized that what he had created was good enough to help others with their troubled skin too and thus Zo Elementals was born.


Courtney Charles